Sunday, March 18, 2012

Snapshot: March 18

We went to the butterfly exhibit. These are the only photos of the week.
An attempt at using a magnifying glass.
I took the picture. I very carefully put the camera up and hoped that I got the shot. I think it is kind of cool.
The 3 of us just before leaving the exhibit.
If you look at the mouth of the butterfly, you can see its proboscis (tongue).
A butterfly landed on him. He stood completely still and didn't freak out!


Sue said...

I wish I saw more butterflies around. When I was young, they were everywhere. Now I rarely see them.

Kinda sad.


Cyndy said...

Oh what fun! And it is a cool picture!

The Millers said...

Hope you're feeling better. Sorry I missed your call last week. I was driving.

The Allen Family said...

That looks fun. I went to a butterfly place in San Francisco a few times.