Friday, March 16, 2012

9th Grade Essay

I wrote this essay when I was in the 9th Grade. I'm cleaning out papers and thought I'd share. It is no great masterpiece. I think that I felt an immense amount of love and security in my Grandparents' homes.

5 Generations - Mom, Grandma, Great-Grandpa, Niece, and Brother

Grandma's House
     Where is the best place in the world to vacation? Is it the Bahamas or Disneyland? Where can happy experiences be planted that will grow into fond memories that will last a lifetime? The best place is Grandma's house.
     To start with, Grandma's house has the best food in the world. Grandma spends lots of time preparing good, nutritious foods. she knows that healthful foods make happy children. With the delicious food she prepares, she shows them that she loves them. A little saying is, "Grandma knows the best way to a  grandchild's heart is through their stomachs." Proven experiences show this theory is correct.
     Food at Grandma's house is not the only way she shows love. Grandma always wears a happy smile. The children see Grandma is happy to have them in her home, so there are few fights or quarrels. If there are problems, Grandma easily resolves them. When contention and bad feelings leave, everyone is happy again. Grandma and the grandchildren have loving relationships. For example, Grandma shares hugs and kisses. The children know that she loves them. Grandma shows her love many, many ways.
     Children tell secrets or ask questions of people they know and love. In her home, Grandma answers questions or keeps secrets that children do not want to share with their parents. Parents can become too busy and do not have the time to answer all questions. Grandma will listen to questions and problems that puzzle the grandchild. When Grandma does answer, she tries to give the best possible explanation, possibly better than the grandchild's parents.When the parents were little, they maybe asked the same questions. So she is prepared to answer in the best way because she understands from experience. Grandma sometimes lets the children figure a way to answer the question themselves. When she is doing this, she is helping them understand how to solve problems themselves. Grandma and the children feel nearer to each other, knowing they can talk.
     The best place in the world to vacation is Grandma's house. Maybe she is not he Hilton Hotel but she has the best food. In the Bahamas children do feel warm, but they do not know the love that they feel at Grandma's house. Disneyland will answer some questions, but not as well as Grandma will. Love, understanding, and food are important for happy, cheerful grandchildren.

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Sue said...

What a nice keepsake to have! I wish I had more of my early papers because it would be so interesting to read them.