Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away....

We have had rain the last 3 days. In Arizona we get most of our rain during the monsoon season. (Our average is less than 12 inches of rainfall a year. When we lived in Pennsylvania we got just under 40 inches a year.) It has turned "cold" here (50 degrees), and we have bundled up. I know that is nothing to complain about when it is mid-30s other places.

My Gamma Rae LOVED to talk about the weather. She also loved talking about being obedient to prophets. So in honor of the rain and my Gamma Rae, we opened our advent ornament about Noah.
The rain just drips off the roof in sheets.
Noah did his best to teach the people to follow Jesus Christ, but God commanded Noah to build an ark. And Noah was obedient. The people thought evil and acted upon their evil thoughts by being violent or carnal. With the ark finished and loaded with all its animals, no rain fell for seven days. Then the heavens opened and dumped for 40 days. Then it took about 11 months for the water to go down.

God promised that he would never flood the earth again. He gave us a symbol of the rainbow. All things testify there is a God (Alma 30:44). The rainbow is a specific covenant made by God to us his children that the earth will never be flooded again.

Amos teaches that God reveals his plan to His prophets. Noah was a prophet and tried to teach the people. The people did not choose to listen and got drowned. We believe that we have a prophet who speaks today to warn us as Noah did. Thomas S. Monson recently spoke about Standing in Holy Places. He reviews the Ten Commandments and how we can be strong.

We are happy to know that God loves his children to give us prophets to lead and guide us as he has for his other children in different ages.

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Sue said...

What a great advent you are doing! So meaningful.