Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Atonement during Christmas

To celebrate Easter during Christmas might seem odd. Because of Christmas we have Easter. This post was to go up yesterday, but we spent the day as a family doing odds and ends.

The past few days have been the prophesies of Isaiah. Jesus Christ said, "Yea, a commandment I give unto you that ye search these things diligently; for great are the words of Isaiah."

In Isaiah 53, Isaiah gives a complete description of what the crucifixion would be. As we read this, what struck me was "yet it pleased the Lord to bruise him." God the Father knew that Jesus Christ was willing and had covenanted in the counsel in heaven to follow through on "this is my work and my glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." Heavenly Father did not take pleasure in the suffering of his son nor does he take pleasure in our suffering. He knew that it needed to happen for our happiness.

Our happiness is improve when we following the teachings of Christ such as prayer, service, scripture study, and having a Christian heart. In keeping with Christ's admonition to study Isaiah, Richard G. Scott about the power of scriptures in our lives.
Scriptures are like packets of light that illuminate our minds and give place to guidance and inspiration from on high. They can become the key to open the channel to communion with our Father in Heaven and His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ. (source)
 I hope each of us can find Christ in our Christmas to ponder the miracle of his birth to bring about the miracle in our live to live with God again.


Cyndy said...

We hang a nail, a large old fashion nail, to remind us of Christ's death, on our tree each year!

Sue said...

I hope so, too. (In fact, I know we will.)

I am looking forward most to spending Christmas Eve with my entire family to celebrate, together, the sacred, spiritual aspect of this wonderful season.

Merry Christmas!