Thursday, December 1, 2011

In the beginning....

After staring at the colorful bags on the wall, THE DAY HAS COME to open the bags one by one for the next 25 days. Underfoot was so excited this morning he was motivated to get ready faster than usual.

Our advent is here!

The Advent Jesse Tree starts with the creation of the world and goes through the prophesies in the Bible (mostly Old Testament) of Jesus Christ's birth and  what his mission on the earth will be. We use the scriptures and devotionals from the book and add the passages of scripture from the Book of Mormon and statements from living prophets.

We opened the first "present" and found a globe or a picture of the world.

Our story starts with the pre-earth council with God presenting to us His marvelous plan. He wanted to create an earth and to have His spirit children come to earth and gain a body and to choose if they wanted to return to live with Him. God knowing that we would make mistakes wanted to provide a Savior for us. Jesus Christ volunteered to be the Savior. Lucifer also volunteered. Jesus wanted to follow God's plan of creation and let us make our own choices. Lucifer wanted to compel everyone to return to God's presence and have the glory and honor of God. We made our first choice to either follow Jesus Christ or to follow Lucifer in that pre-earth council. A war ensued where Lucifer and his legions were expelled from the presence of God. Lucifer became Satan or as Mary Ellen Edmunds says, "what's his no face."

Then came IN THE BEGINNING! The world was created in and is recorded Genesis 1 and John 1:1-5. The earth was created for US!!! In the Book of Mormon we are taught that the creation is for us to bring about the eternal purposes of God.

Our beginning came before the world was created. God created the world for us His children with Jesus Christ as our Savior. The formation of the earth was the start with the sun, moon, stars, land, water, plants, animals, and Adam and Eve to follow. This was the beginning of God's plan taking shape. The earth is marvelous, beautiful, and provides everything we need to live and to serve others.

My favorite part is that God's plan is He took each one of in consideration and had a perfectly detailed plan. He gave me choice, and even though I am not perfect, God the Father planned and provided a Savior in Jesus Christ. 

What is your favorite part of God's creation for you?


Sue said...

I guess my poem today already answered this one...You're right. We were kinda on the same page.

Really enjoyed this post!


Lindsay Bryner said...

WOW Wendy what a great idea! You are so creative! I love this idea.