Sunday, November 20, 2011


Here are few snapshots into our last 2 weeks...
Cleaning Out the Attic for a $1 Sale

Day 2.5 of a fever. He ended up having a double ear infection.

He had bronchitis. We had to do breathing treatments. He hated them.

Steam Engine No. 844

Steam Engine No. 844

The end of a long day.... I had paint on my neck for who knows how long.

My Cute Boy
My Energy Filled Boy
The Pie Party 2011


Sue said...

Sick kids = no fun.

Glad you still had the pie party, though!


Cyndy said...

Have you guys had a chance to rest up and be a bit more caught up?

Kris said...

What a crazy busy 2 weeks it has been! But I guess that's pretty much your "normal" now, huh? It's been great seeing you so much, I've missed you!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Mmmmmmm....pie party!!!!

rachel said...

I love that you do your annual pie party! Keep up the good work, Wendy :)