Sunday, October 30, 2011


Here is a snapshot into our week...
The T-ball Crowd Cheerers
Hitting the Ball
Nailing the ball high into the sky.
Coming home.
Our Cowboy. (The other one wouldn't turn around.)


Kris said...

I really need to put my kids into sports with you guys. Let me know the next time you sign them up, K? It looks like you have so much fun!

Sue said...

T-ball was pretty entertaining with my kids. No pressure and lots of fun.

Cute cowboy you've got there!


LynD said...

I love your shot of your cowboy with the setting sun behind him. Using depth of field the other people are out of focus - making your cute cowboy the main focus and more prominent in the shot. The sun back lights his head - looking more angelic. By slightly deepening the contrast the blues from the sky as well as the oranges and yellows would really make it a vibrant presentation. Good job!!!