Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dirty Work

We have been preparing our fall garden (which we planted last night). All of us have moved dirt, poop, and more dirt. A lot of dirt. Nothing like a huge farm just a few cubic yards of dirt with a double tire wheelbarrow. The following are pictures on a break.
Hurricane got dirt/manure in his eyes, ears, nose, and other unmentionable parts.
Proud of a job well done!
He doesn't tend to get as dirty as the rest of us.
If anyone ever tells you chickens are vegetarians, you need to watch them eat bugs. Lots of protein there.
Our Muscle!


Kris said...

Well shoot, I need to hire your crew to come move some dirt & poop for me! Could I pay you in gum? :)

Sue said...

Nothing like a good family project!


LeAnn said...

Loved the pictures and the family fun; I guess this is called fun.
Blessing to you and keep on enjoying these precious moments.

The Best's said...

When I am ready for my garden I will know to come visit you!