Thursday, July 21, 2011

No Sense of Humor

Have you ever been accused of not having a sense of humor? Around here we tend to be a little serious. I admit it is on the extreme end. I think it is worry of messing up our children or not laughing at our own mistakes. We just don't laugh too often. Mostly it is me.
 Partly it is being married to a scientist who when we married didn't get sarcasm.

Here is my example. J A, my Sweetheart's buddy, came to town for a weekend visit when we lived in Pennsylvania. J A was doing an internship in New Jersey. As I was leaving for work, Sweetheart asked me what they should do that day. (See we were still newly weds.) I said off handed, "Tear out the kitchen floor and lay down some new flooring." I wasn't serious. Who in their right mind would ask their friend to do a remodel job during their vacation? Well......Sweetheart did.

Sweetheart went to the kitchen and pulled up half the flooring in one lift of the linoleum. The floor was practically done. Right....... 

I had gone to a training an hour away. I get a call on the phone during a break. "Hi Honey. Could you come down to Lowe's and pick out a new flooring. The other color isn't available any more." I sat in silence. "What???" "I tore out the floor and am ready to put down the new one. I just need you to come and pick out the new floor." "Whaaat?" Here is the classic line though. "That's what you asked me to do today." "I was kidding. You know sarcasm. I thought you'd go play games or Frisbee or something. Is J A okay with it?" Dumb question on my part. He must have been, or they wouldn't have been at Lowe's. "I still need you to pick out a color so I can fix the floor. The linoleum is in the dumpster." So needless to say we got a new floor. And the floor didn't go in as fast as the linoleum came out. 

The floor turned out beautiful! J A and Randy came to his rescue and helped him finish the floor. They are true friends that gave Sweetheart a little razing but are true friends. 

Sweetheart is a dream. He is wonderful! He is better with sarcasm. 

So why do I bring up having no sense of humor? We went to a family reunion. My Auntie said something to me. I mumbled something back. She asked in amazement, "Don't you have a sense of humor?" I answered back deadpanned as can be, "I guess not." Then there was an awkward silence. Her question got me thinking. I don't have the sense of humor I once did. I don't joke or layer my meanings with sarcasm or hints of something just a little off. I've guarded myself and am so painfully serious that my temper flares instead of my laughter. 

So how do I change that? Where is the first step? Recognition, I'm sure says the counselor part of me. Okay I've recognized there is a problem. I need to be different. Being different is more than just doing something different. Being is a change of heart that changes my mannerisms. God will help me in being different. He will whisper to my heart peace for me to experience being still and knowing He is and is helping me.

My goal is to be observant about good and to write it down. Like right now my boys are playing with the globe balloons we got from the library reading program. They ask me to watch them bounce, chase, and bonk each other and then they laugh. A real genuine laugh.

And maybe I should mention that the floor in the kitchen at our new house could be pulled up.....I wonder when J A is coming for a visit again.


Cyndy said...

Life can get very serious very quickly. You are fun. And you are funny. Kids are kids and they love to see you enjoying life too.

I love your flooring story, each time I hear it! Let me know when J.A. comes, let me know when I should send my hubby up to help install the new floor ;) --that is, if my ninja hubby is around.

Lindsay Bryner said...

I remember that in Japan they didn't get sarcasm. That was a hard concept for me. But then I realized that you can still find life funny with out it. But I think I'm back to my old self:) haha. Well if it matters any, you must have a good sense of humor to spend any time with Clark and I;) I look forward to your future posts about the funny things you experience...

The Best's said...

Love the flooring story! My mom did a funny thing where when my dad was out of town tore up the old floor and when he got home he had no choice but to put new floor down. :) I too find life can be too serious when it is hurry and get this or that done, but we have tried to find time for just fun family time.

Brittny said...

Thanks for always giving us something to ponder on your blog, Wendy. My posts are usually ridiculous, so finding perspective and ponderance here is much needed sometimes. If you ever find yourself being more serious than you want to be, I'd be happy to send some of our silliness your way!

Rachel said...

ah ha this actually made me snicker a little. I only wish my hubby would start a project that I mention in passing! I usually start them and beg him to help me finish them. You DO have a sense of humor, its just that you mumble it under your breath instead of proclaiming it to the world. Plus I think your humor is too smart for most of us to get it! :) I mean that in the best way possible you know.