Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Trials and Peace & Giveaway Winner

Recently, we went hiking. Since we live a desert, the plant protect themselves by growing sharp needles for their survival. My boys and I have unfortunately punctured by the needles. They bring immediate tears and blood to the surface. The pick is momentary. The lesson learned can be long lasting.
Sometimes the needles are bigger and don't hurt immediately when they bite. The needles go in and then hook their barb. The barb then holds you to the cactus. It doesn't let go without a tuck and some times the needle stays and needs to be pulled out with pliers. When pulling the needles, the stuck victim needs helps and also some patience to get the barbs out.
As I have thought about our hike and the cactus and how it applies to my life, I notice that there are trials every day in my journey of life. Some trials just poke a little and remind me to apologize, be kinder, or have more hope in what is to come. Some times the trial is long lasting, and patience is required to endure the trial well. I get caught along side the figurative cactus. When I get caught I need help to be release from the cactus. I have the help of my family, friends, and at times random strangers. Most importantly though I have Jesus Christ as my rescuer. I am grateful for trials because of what I learn from them. Some times though I have to repeat the lessons and continue in patience because I forget the pricks from the last lesson. "Patience is a godly attribute that can heal souls, unlock treasures of knowledge and understanding, and transform ordinary men and women into saints and angels" (source).

During trials or even at the end of a long trial or journey, there is a rainbow. A rainbow always brings a smile to my face. A momentary peace shines in the midst of craziness. My hope is that are momentary rainbows in all our lives and each day in the middle of our travels and journeying.
What are your rainbows today? I would love to know if you would like to share.

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Sue said...

I like your analogy.

As for my rainbow today? I got to meet a blog friend (Karen) who stayed at my house last night before an interview she had in San Francisco today. I enjoyed her even more in person than on her blog!