Monday, April 11, 2011

An Evening Alone

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This last weekend was a Father and Sons camp out with our church.
These are the boys just before they left.
Their Daddy looked a little tired. He still was determined to go even being a little tired.
I had the evening to myself. So what did I do.
I went to a card party and made 10 cards. I really had fun! I then came home and made a dress. Alone. With no helpers. I love the color and the process of creation. I had to adapt the pattern something that I'm not that talented at....yet. Hopefully some day. Just thought I'd share what I created.


Sue said...

Cute dress!

I used to love the father/son campouts. Fun for them, and fun for me!


arianne said...

I LOVE the dress. Especially the color. It looks great on you!

Nicole said...

The dress looked so amazing at church on Sunday, and now to find out you made it just two days before? Fun! Stunning!

Kris said...

I noticed your beautiful dress on Sunday (nice talk, by the way) & never got to compliment you on it. And you made it? Awesome! You are one amazing woman.

Becky said...

Father's and Son's Campouts are great, especially if you have a house full of boys. And your dress is beautiful. Have fun continuing to create!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

You look so pretty in that red dress! Thought I'd share this:

Someone reposted your guest post. I asked her to link to your site...I'm sure she'll add that soon!