Thursday, March 10, 2011

Snow in the Desert

In the southwest, snow comes about once a year to the valley floor. The scattered white comes at night and is usually gone by noon.

The last snow we had was heavy and thick. It covered everything. Even the cactus....
It was gone by noon. It was lovely and beautiful. Coming from the north, I like to see season changes. The changes are very subtle. One cactus will be in bloom for a a few weeks. Then another will be in bloom. I enjoyed the stark difference the morning of the snow.
I think life is like the desert with it quiet changes. Subtle change happens in our lives. Each day there is the same things to do - prayers, scriptures, family prayers, family time, food preparations, cleaning up, brushing teeth, wiping noses, settling melt downs, and many other daily have-tos to keep life going. The same things bring big changes. Learning comes line upon line to build the whole picture. For example: if I don't keep a clean kitchen, it is harder to cook good healthy meals. If we don't have good meals, all of us get grouchy because we are hungry which leads to the next upset. (Food is an easy example because I like food.)

Some times I want the big magic/changes! WITH BIG EXCLAMATION POINTS!!! The magic happens in the small daily routine. Babies, weddings, moving, and death are the BIG CHANGES (with exclamation points). They don't come every day.

I read at Simple Inspiration how she was constant in searching for her answer. The answer was given after time. I thought about how I want some things NOW. So for now I will keep with the steady every day tasks and return to some tasks that I haven't been doing. I want to find the beauty in the desert with the hope for the big magic like the blanket of snow.


Sue said...

I really enjoyed this post and the analogy you make is both apt and wise.

(It was also cool to see snow on cactus. That's a new sight for me!)


Jilli said...

Your writing continues to improve and be insightful. Good job!!!

AllisonK said...

Beautifully written. Loved seeing the snowy cacti!
I look forward to reading more from blog. Thank you for the link.