Thursday, February 17, 2011


Bubbles are magical. When someone blows bubbles, they have to regulate their breath. Blowing bubbles is similar to taking a deep breath, catching your breath, calm down, or counting to 10.
In our church nursery when the parents come to pick up their children at the end of classes, the leaders are usually blowing bubbles. The children are enthralled by the bubbles and tears are non-existent.
So when we did bubbles for Joy School this week, each child had to practice blowing out instead of sucking in before being given a cup with a straw and a bubble solution. I am happy to report only one sucked in the bubble solution. He made an awful face but continued happily blowing.
One child loved it so much that he blew bubbles down my arm and back. He laughed with complete joy at covering me in bubbles.
The recipe for these bubbles was Dawn dish soap and water.
Growing up we used a bubble recipe with Dawn dish soap, glyercin, and water. They made these huge bubbles.