Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Surprising Welcome Moment

We went the to store to pick up a few mailing packaging items. (Yes. I'm getting the mailing done for the 30 Days of Pie.) K2 sat on my hip while Underfoot pushed his own cart through the store. (The store has little shopping carts for children.) They are both good listeners and stay close to me.

When we got in line, a gentleman was behind us. Underfoot kept asking for a kite. Over and over again with a different convincing plea. I kept saying no to each insisting request. We paid for our things and got out the door. In the mean time, the gentleman (who only has to buckle himself) got in his car and pulled up next to us.

He then rolled down his window and said, "You are being a good Mom. Keep it up. You are raising two good boys. God bless." He smiled and then drove away. It took a moment to sink in what he said. He made my juggling trip to the store worth it.

I hope that other Moms know they are doing a good job! Keep it up!


Jilli said...

Sweet story. I'm glad you documented it. Mothering was worth in your case.

Sue said...

I love when people are kind enough to pay others a sincere compliment.

Good for you, for deserving one!


Kris said...

Isn't it nice when people say nice things instead of the more oft-heard rude comments? Yay for mommies everywhere!