Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nativity Scenes

I love to put out our nativities for Christmas. I love the uniqueness of each of the different sets.

Before I married for Christmas one yea, my Grandma Bodell gave me her Mother's nativity set. She wrote on the card that they were for my future home to display. It is a lovely white porcelain set. This set is for my mantle. Underfoot helped me set up this year and really likes the shepherd with the crook. (The shepherd is in the background of this photo.) I love the set.

When Underfoot was born, my Mom gave us the Mary and Joseph holding the baby Jesus. I love that Mary is holding her baby instead of in the act of praising God on her knees. I believe that she would want to hold her baby and had that memory as it says  in Luke "but Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart." I'm sure Mary loved holding her baby as I love to hold my own. I love also that Joseph is there loving his wife and the new baby.

My Mom found this figurine at the same time she was serving on jury. She thought and thought how much money she would be paid to from jury duty to put toward paying for the figurine and add it to her nativity. When she received the check it wasn't more than $15! She loved it so much she contributed from her own pocket the rest of the money and has enjoyed Mary and Joseph loving her baby every since.

When my Grandparents closed up their cabin they had a giveaway to their grandchildren. There were 5 tables filled with treasures from the cabin. We got to pick at least 8 times. I picked their nativity at the cabin.

Mary, baby Jesus, & Joseph have such sweet faces.
Wise Men: My visiting teacher said they look a little young looking for wise men.

Last year (2009) my Uncle Richard gave my Auntie Kathy a website to display her different nativities. She has been collecting for 30 years. Check out the website here.


Sue said...

I love your nativities, especially the white procelain one. I have always wanted one with a similar look.


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Cyndy said...

I could be a collector of Nativities myself...thank you for sharing yours.