Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Joy School Navity

We participate in Joy School. It is for my Underfoot. It is for me and my Sweetheart. We do it to build family, social relationships, and to create skills for our little guy.

As part of the December Joy School curriculum there is a Christmas program with a story of baby Jesus and songs about giving to others.The theme of the month is Sharing and Service. Here are few pictures from our program.

He hammed it up. He loved being dressed up and ate his "gift."
Wise Man
Joseph knocked on Underfoot's door and asked if there was room. Underfoot replied, "Yes." He then smiled widely. Joseph looked at him and said, "No you don't."
The angels reversed roles during the performance. One came to Mary to tell her of the coming birth, and the other was the angel who came to the shepherds.
Heavenly Visitors

Joseph & Mary
They sang a song called In A Little Stable.
The theater goers. Most equipped with cameras and video recorders to preserve the moment.
The Parents
The last song they sang is how they can give to others by helping. Each dressed as a "present."
Present Song


Cyndy said...

Love little children, doing their own thing and saying whatever comes to mind! Makes those moments a must to be recorded!

Sue said...

Wonderful! I miss those days of Christmas programs and pageants with my little ones.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

oh how fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jilli said...

Thia is REALLY sweet!