Friday, December 17, 2010


When we visited in California, we went to the barn where my Sweetheart's family rents stalls. As we arrived a lady was going to take her horse for a ride and was willing to let K2 and Underfoot pet, sit, and even ride on the horse.

K2 was thrilled to get to ride the "dog." Any animal is a dog. He loved it and cried when we took him out of the saddle.

 Underfoot has been proclaiming for the past few months that his favorite animal is a horse. He was more apprehensive to jump on this mount of muscle and go for a trot. It was more of a walk down the barn. He warmed up to the idea and called himself a more pronounced cowboy with the need of boots and a gun belt. We might look into the boots but not the gun belt yet.

And here they go riding into the sunset.

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Sue said...

I loved horses as a child. (Still do.) Nothin' better!