Sunday, November 7, 2010

Almond Chocolate Pie & Letters

Every week we write a letter to send to our family and friends. This tradition started when my Sweetheart felt the need to write to his older neighbor, Henry.

Henry has lived next to my husband's family ever since their family has been in their home. Henry and his family came from Germany in 1956. Henry's father was killed in WWI shortly before he was born. As a child, Henry had polio. This unfortunate occurrence saved him from having to serve in the German military during WWII. As a teenager Henry went to trade school and became a barber. Henry served his country during WWII as a barber. He met his wife during the war and they started their lives together during that tragic time. Four months before the war ended, the Navy barracks where he worked was bombed out, so he didn't have to work the last 4 months of the war.

As a teenager, my Sweetheart did a report on a German company. He went to Henry and asked him about the company. The two became friends. My husband spent many hours learning about Henry's life and what life was like under Hitler.

While at graduate school, we decided to start to write to Henry and Grandmother. We then added our family to the list since we lived so far away. We then added our friends so we can keep in touch with them, too. We tell of our adventures and the changes in our children and ourselves.
With email being very accessible we can keep in contact with a lot of people. We still print out a few letters for some of our family because they don't have email or only check it once in while. And it is always fun to get something in the mail that is not propaganda or bills. It has proven to be a wonderful journal of events for us. We now have a written record of our lives and have kept in touch with family and friends.

This pie surprised me by how smooth and sweet it is.

Source: Miriam Loo, Grandma's Recipe Box


 1 graham cracker crust
16 large marshmallows (cut into pieces)
6 almond chocolate bars
1/2 cup milk
2 cups whipped whipping cream
Break  5 chocolate bars into a pan with the milk and marshmallows. Melt over  hot water.

Chill the mixture then add whipped cream. Pour into a graham cracker  crust. Refrigerate for 2-3 hours to set. Grate the remaining chocolate bar and sprinkle on top of the  pie.


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Cyndy said...

OH YUM!! Love the letter tradition as well.

Sue said...

Oh, I like this one. It sound easy enough even for me!


PS. I'm a letter writer, too, though less so now that I blog. That's sort of become my journal/family history. And I print it out every few months on blog2print.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

I love your letters!

Jilli said...

Everyone enjoys your letters, but I think I do the most! This pie looks really rich!

Shaun Stokes said...

This sounds great we will have to try it !

We aré so hungry for pie right Now that we almost went to perkins.

Nancy said...

Wendy, Is it 2 cups of cream then whip it? Or 2 cups of whipped cream? Love the blog!

Wendy said...


The 2 cups whipping cream then whipped. I hope that clarifies.