Friday, October 8, 2010

Where were you born?

We had a visit from our friends in the East. They were our family and adventure companions when we lived there. They introduced us to our wonderful Amish friends, adventures galore, and opportunities to be better parents.

While I was out of the room, Underfoot was asked by the Momma where he was born. I heard a pause as he thought about the question. He answered very seriously, "I came from Jesus." He didn't say that he was born in the East where he was born but that he came from living with God and to our family.

This morning I was reminded of the experience and realized I hadn't written down. I hope he always remember that he came from Jesus and that he is a son of God having an earthly experience. Most importantly, I hope that he will grow up and want to return to live with God and Jesus again. As I thought about the experience more, this was a moment when somewhere at some time we taught about living with God. It was a payoff moment. Reminding me that God gives me moments of happiness so I will smile and remember Him.