Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Grandpa George

When we lived East, we adopted a Grandpa and Grandma. They sat in the pew behind us in church. Underfoot and I would go on adventures with them. Our adventures included but were not limited to visiting the Amish in their homes, riding the countryside, eating ice cream, playing in their backyard, front room, and basement, eating egg, bacon, tomato sandwiches that had been cooked in butter and placed on mayo and bread, and generally being together. Grandpa George would usually drive our car with Grandma Helen beside him with her telling us stories about how she used to be the driver and would drive the Amish to school everyday.

Grandpa George was a carpenter (he built my quilting frames), a gardener (he inspired us and help us get our garden boxes), and very loving man of all children. He had worked in the nursery at church for over 10 years and loved being with the children. They loved him too.

He was optimistic. When he was a child he had Rheumatic fever as a child and couldn't walk for a year. He learned to crochet. Because of the fever, he had heart murmur the rest of his life. He never let it stop him.

Grandpa George died today. We are sad but love him very much. We needed a Grandpa while we were away from our own.

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Jocelyn Christensen said...

Love to you on this special day! He sounds like a great grandpa who will really be missed!