Monday, October 4, 2010

General Conference Highlights, October 2010:

1. Who were your three favorite speakers?
Jeffery R. Holland - He was quite personal with his feelings. I love how he refers to his wife and the love and tenderness he has toward his mother.

David Bednar - He is a teacher and has a point to each of his talks. He talked about the Holy Ghost and the power the Holy Ghost has if listened to and followed. For me, it is a skill I'm trying to develop to know how to teach, protect, and love my children and serve others better that live around me.

Boyd K. Packer - My husband said he is known as a hard liner. He tells it like it is and doesn't mix his message. As he told the story of the kitten, I thought of the recent votes that have happened in California and Arizona about gender and marriage. He made a point and was clear. I appreciated his clarity.

2. Favorite talk?
Jeffery R. Holland - Gratitude is divine and special. It will warm the coldest heart and the lift the downhearted.

3. Favorite hymn sung during Conference?
I love when the Tabernacle Choir sings a simple Primary song. It might be because I am a Primary teacher and know the power of the words and music for children. Tell Me the Stories of Jesus. The music catches the children's attention and they know that General Conference is about them too. I loved singing "I Am A Child Of God."

4. Who wore the best tie?
I like President Uchdorf's sweet red-pink tie. It had style.

5. Do you think conference had a “theme”?
Everyone has their own theme. For me, I heard that to follow the prophet is essential. The examples of prophets used from the Old Testament were those in life threatening situations. All things point to the Savior, and the prophet will always direct to Jesus Christ.

6. Share a few of your favorite quotes (paraphrasing is fine).
I don't have anything specific. A lot of what I learned is about prayer, scriptures, and defending my family.

7. Something that made you smile during conference.
I enjoyed watching my children be together. During priesthood this year I invited women to come over and have a potluck. We called it a Ladies Night...(kind of) because little children came. We heard and shared wonderful stories from the day of how lives were enriched. After priesthood, the some men came and shared the messages over ice cream.

8. Any evidence that your children paid attention?
I believe so. Underfoot cuddled with me during one session and then colored quite a bit telling me that the different men were prophets. He LOVED seeing President Monson.

9. If you had to give a talk in General Conference (don’t faint, this is hypothetical), what do you think you’d speak about?
Prayer and faith because they are what I need to improve upon.

10. What are some of your post-conference goals?
Be a better parent and to teach so that we can all be missionaries. The fight is real, and needs to be recognized. Also I want to learn to play better with my children.


Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Great answers. Thanks for participating in the meme. That picture of Pres. Uctdorf is hilarious.

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

My favorite hymn was Tell me the Stories of Jesus too! Did you notice there were a lot of new arrangements of the hymns this go around. Mack Wilberg is so talented.