Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Hurricane say:
I saw a skunk. It was not spraying. It was in our yard. Me and Underfoot found it's hiding place. It was hiding under ground. It did not smell good. It did not smell bad. It was trying to eat our chickens. Somebody came and took the skunk away. Then they let it go. The end.

Sweetheart writes:
We noticed that something was digging near our chicken coop. One Saturday morning, I noticed the distinctive look of a skunk tail poking out from underneath the scout. I went all the way around the house to get a better look (from a safe distance, of course!) To my surprise, I found myself face to face with a skunk. He was not more than 4 feet away, happily sitting on the front passenger tire of the scout. In an effort to encourage the skunk to leave, I started up the scout. Unfortunately, the skunk went into the back yard, rather than the front yard.

A friend was kind enough to loan us a trap. After 4 unsuccessful attempts, I was able to catch him. The trick was to tie up the meat in a piece of wire and hang it in the right place. That caused the skunk to have to work at getting the bait. Just minutes after setting the trap, I heard the unmistakable sound of the trap door, closing behind him. My heart was racing as I approached the trap with a towel to cover the skunk. In the morning my friend who loaned me the trap picked up the skunk and returned it to nature.

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