Sunday, November 15, 2015

Pie Party

 We prepared for the Pie Party this last week.

On Friday, Hurricane said he didn't feel very well. I thought he wanted to stay home and help make pies. He went to school and after school we took him temperature - 101.6. He went to bed and wasn't allowed out or around any of us. His fever broke the morning of the Pie Party and hasn't returned. He reported that he only ate 4 pieces of pie and loved running around the backyard with friends.

Hurricane enjoyed being at the Pie Party and "set up" the table and pies at 10 am. When told he couldn't bring the pies out until 4:45, he asked how many hours until the event. We worked on telling time. He didn't report on how many pies he ate but made sure he had the first piece of Grasshopper Pie.
Previous to the Pie Party we made a list of pies we would make. The goal was to make 12 pies. Normally I make 36 pies. I made 15 different kinds of pie. We had 6 whole pies for left overs which Lance shared with people today after church.

On Veterans Day, I asked for the youth to come and help me clean our house and yard. Eight youth came and cleaned the inside and the outside of our home which took a huge burden off me to have a clean space ready for Saturday.

My college roommate traveled from Phoenix to come to the Pie Party. She has usually lived in Japan, Washington State, or Oklahoma. We are so thankful for all the people who came and shared their yummy food and friendship.

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