Wednesday, October 28, 2015

WWI Memorial

We started touring Kansas City by going to the National World War I Museum.

We looked at the different displays starting in 1914 with only European countries.
The weapons, uniforms, and daily items were displayed. 
The museum had recorded presentations of soldiers' experiences.

The museum is built in a trench to show how the trenches were in WWI.
The tower has an elevator that goes to the top.
The museum has interactive boards to learn more about the war.
The children all loved the interactive boards.

The sphinix are posted to hope that the conflict never happens again.
When you enter the museum, there is a clear walkway with red poppies.
Poppies were the only thing that would grow during the years of the war.
Each poppy under the walkway represented 1,000 deaths. There were 90,000 poppies.
The docent asked the boys the total number of deaths. Underfoot got it one the first try.
The docent was surprised and said that teenagers didn't do the math correctly.

Here is Tiger! 
He was either on his Mom's back or front. 

We went to the top of the tower. 
A hornets nest was in the top.
So both boys weren't certain about being there.

Hurricane wasn't certain about the top either.
He didn't like looking out at the sky view.

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