Thursday, October 29, 2015

Nauvoo Temple

We went to the Nauvoo Temple before moving on in our trip.
The temple was built before the Saints left to move West.
Then the temple was burned down and later demolished by a tornado.

The rebuilding of the temple was announced while I was on my mission in 1999.
While I was in graduate school, I traveled during Spring Break with friends.

Later Sweetheart and I drove across the United States when I moved East, 
and we visited again in 2005.

This year the boys came to the temple.
We shared the story about how family helped build the temple.

Aunt Katie and Miss Sunshine Rae posed together.
Mr. Tiger wasn't ready to pose.

Miss Sunshine Rae would pick flowers and dance around the temple.
She was so happy. We loved being with her.

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