Thursday, October 29, 2015

Liberty Jail

After visiting Independence, we traveled to Liberty Jail.
We traveled to Liberty, Missouri, 
which is only about 30 minutes apart by car.
But I would imagine traveling by horse or wagon was far.

The missionary couple liked the boys monster pants. 
She took pictures to send to her daughter-in-law.
When we first arrived, we were the only people 
by the end of the tour there were 5 other families.

Liberty Jail held 5 men for many months on false charges.
The holding cell was had a low roof, 
and some of the men couldn't stand up straight.
While the men were held here, their families moved from Missouri to Illinois.

Joseph Smith prayed to God here and asked why this trial.
God answered,
"all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good." Doctrine and Covenant 122:7
Trials are for our improvement. We are to learn about who we are and if we are willing to follow God's will. Some trials are really hard and awful - not jail kind of awful. Some trials are better than others. Apparently God thinks we can do a lot of things so he gives us trials.

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