Wednesday, October 28, 2015

City Market

Uncle Shaun came home from his medical audition. 
An audition is like an internship and possible job opportunity.
We went to the City Market  for the Farmer's Market.
The smells are wonderful with the open spices and cooking food.
A Brazilian restaurant serves whole coconuts.
We bought 2 to share. 
Uncle Shaun served a mission in Brasil, 
and this was the first time he tried coconut water.
He said it was okay.

As we continued to explore, a honey seller sold different flavored honey sticks.
Uncle Shaun treated all of us to a honey stick.
Hurricane chose root beer. It was different.

The honey seller also brought a bee frame with bees in it.
I found it very interesting and sent a picture to Sweetheart.
We want bees one day.

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