Sunday, July 5, 2015

Salt River

We spent the 4th of July in Gilbert 
with Auntie M, T-Bone, and their family.
Sweetheart's parents joined the family from California.  

Thrilled with the invitation to go,
we floated the Salt River with T-Bone's family.
We usually float the Portneuf River on 4th of July.
He was excited to go and be in the water.
He kept trying to find a buddy.
His Mom has implemented the mandatory buddy system
to give him a little independence.

He wasn't thrilled to be awake so early.
The night before we had swam in a swim meet.

Auntie M is wearing her "adventure" hat.
This hat has gone to South America 
and is hoping to take it on many other adventures.

This little one wanted to be independent.
Hurricane pushed them off to continue float down the river.
The combined age of them is less than 10.

He learned how to skip rocks,
jumped off cliffs, and ate the energy balls that we made.

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