Monday, June 15, 2015

Train and Family Pictures

Grandpa, Grandma, Sweetheart, Auntie M, Beck, Noodles, CF, Uncle A Missing: Mama Jane
The family reunion had a train stop this year.
The parents and siblings gathered to pose.
The patriarch loves trains like his father before him.

The rest of the family gathered to show how the family has grown.
We have a pretty merry bunch.
And the bonus is most looked at the camera.

The train stop was scheduled to take 15 minutes.
One hour later we were climbing into the cars again to go to Hoover Dam.

Hurricane follows the tradition of loving trains.
He wanted to take pictures of everyone as well.
He settled for me taking his picture.

He then recruited to have his picture taken with others.

The boy cousins climbed all over, under, and through as many trains as they could.
They eventually tired and just sat.

The Brain wanted to find his own way.
He didn't want his picture taken
but paused long enough when his name was called.

Hurricane consented to have his picture taken with me.
We were told to make a funny face.

I insisted we have buddies for everywhere we went. 
The buddy he picked didn't stay with him so by default I was his buddy.
He didn't like it at first and warmed up to the idea.

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