Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Talent Show and Family Home Evening

We hosted family home evening for the group.
The invitation was given for anyone that wanted to share a talent.
We had bells, a violin, drums, guitar, piano, singing, a repeat after me song, and much laughter.
Part of the talent show had a white elephant.
The prices ranged in popularity.
The chocolate was most prized.

A game of jeopardy was created each with a back story. 

The written answers were given, and the response was to be in the form of a question. It's a type of journal to remember for our children.

I'd rather be...
  • in France. (Who is Grandpa?)
  • a Rodeo Star. (Who is Grandma?)
  • a Race Car Driver. (Who is Mama Jane?)
  • in my Sweet Trailer. (Who is Uncle A?)
  • at my Chiropractor. (Who is Noodles?)
  • Peed in the HVAC duct at Youth Conference (Who is CF?)
  • Marked Liberty Square (Who is Uncle A?)
  • Toilet Seat Smashed His Jewels (Who is Uncle A)
  • Ferris Wheel (Who is Grandma?)
  • Met in the Men's John and fell in LOVE (Who are Noodles and Alma?)
  • Real Estate where Pinto is buried (Where is 15 Woodhaven?)
  • Real Estate where Cat Jerky is made (Where is 542 25th Street?)
  • Real Estate where Chapel Master Key Caper (Where is the Alamo Chapel?)
  • Real Estate where Beck and Ford were the prime suspects for a fire (Where is Los Cerros Middle School?)
  • Real Estate where all their dreams come true (Where is Bollinger Canyon Ranch?)
Car Woos and Whoas
  • Drove the may-pops Datsun (Who is Auntie M?)
  • Ticketed Prime Parking at SFO (Who is Grandma?)
  • His lunch time fun turned into long weekend flip over (Who is Beck?)
  • His high speed chases (Who is CF?)
  • Her collision at 0 mph in the SRVHS parking lot (Who is Noodles?)
Random Items
  • He served by rototilling the backyard to hide his treasures (Who is CF?)
  • They "cheered up the sad" at SRVHS (Who are Noodles and Auntie M?)
  • She made bread 3x a week (Who is Mama Jane?)
  • They fell in love on the dance floor. (Who are Grandpa and Grandma?)
  • I can't remember the last one. I didn't write it down.
Family Reunion Locals
  • Mosquito Lake (Where is the 1st Family Reunion?)
  • "Call me T-Bone" (Who is T-Bone in San Diego?)
  • Year of the Bark and Fish of Fury (Where is Clear Creek Family Ranch?)
  • Bunsen Peak Hike and Many Geyers (Where is Yellowstone?)
  • Juanito Bandito stars there (Where is Bear Lake?)

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