Thursday, June 18, 2015

Shark Exhibit

In Las Vegas, there is a 3-in-1 pass. 
You pay for 3 attractions with one price. 
We picked the Shark Exhibit, Bodies/Titanic, and the Adventure Dome.

Half of us went to the Bodies exhibit
while Sweetheart and Grandpa went to the Titanic exhibit.
Aunt Mimi and Uncle Beck's family joined us at the Shark Exhibit.
Or we joined them....
Anyhow we went together. 

We are grateful for Handsome Ben.
Even though his friends were with us,
he stayed with our boys and built a memory with them.

Monterrey Bay Aquarium is the partner with the hotel to show off the sea life.
We saw piranhas, octopus, sting rays, tortoises, and other sea life.

A petting tank was available to feel the sting rays,
Uncle Beck and Underfoot played in the water a long time.

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