Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Mine

We've been adopted by a set of Grandparents here.
Nana D and Grandpa S invited us to come to 
Grandpa's work to explore the mine and ride 4-wheelers.

Before going into the mine, 
the boys were offered a lighted helmet and a breathing mask.
The mine is a training mine for students at the local university.
Grandpa S provides practical experience for the student to learn.

While at the mine,
they bought us lunch.
The boys gathered rocks from the excess of the mine.
We learned that mines provide a lot of the components
of our daily lives not just coal.

They brought their 4-wheelers.
We went for a ride on the trials around the mine.
Underfoot didn't like to go too fast.

Hurricane wanted to drive.
He pushed the throttle and panicked.
He didn't know he'd go that fast.
We all had a marvelous fun day!

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