Sunday, October 26, 2014

Home Improvement

We traded the rooms around. 
The Grandma Room (a.k.a. Guest Room) 
was moved to the end of the hall. 

This room used to be our library (a.k.a. office.)
We thought room could use some paint.
Here are some before shots.

We would see this quote every day at the end of our hallway.

We decided to keep the stripe down the middle.
The original stripe was the primer coat.
The original owner painted the greens but not the white.

We kept the green but softened the color green.

This is the only "girly" room in the house.
The cast iron bed is one of my favorites from home.
The doll is an embroidered pillowcase from my great-Grandma Smith.
My Aunt Karol made it into a doll.

The rocking chair and little green frame were also embroidered by Grandma Smith.
She did the work in 1941.
The blessing dress is my Grandma Bodell's dress.
It hung next to her bed for as long as I could remember.

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