Sunday, October 5, 2014

Arrival in Cancun

Leaving on our trip early Tuesday morning. 
We arrived late Tuesday afternoon.

My parents took us on a tour of Cancun. 
The first stop was the Mission Office. 
Hurricane wanted to run every where. 
Cancun has been in a drought. 
We arrived, and they had rain and the coolest day since my parents arrived. 
After finishing at the office, we bought Mega bars (ice cream) at a convenience store. 
When we arrived, Hurricane had been asking to buy something. 
At the convenience store, Hurricane bought a plastic toy. 
He put the $10 pesos he had on the counter. 
Grandpa Kirky bought the ice cream and was to be given change. 
Hurricane put his hand out to get all the change. 
The clerk thought it was super funny to watch Hurricane try to get the change. 
Boys liked the panaderia in the grocery store. 
They touched everything. 
The limes were Sweetheart's favorite thing at the grocery store.
We drove around a lot in the mission van and heard many stories of missionaries cultural shock. 
In one area, we saw a pig in a tricycle taxi bike. 
The area was one of  the very poor areas of Cancun. 
The electrical lines were a mess.
We stopped at the end of the drive and played on the beach. 
We decided to not go to an all-inclusive resort for 2 days during our trip.
Hurricane ran off at the beach, and Grandpa Kirky caught up with him. 
Sweetheart and Grandpa Kirky talked sternly with Hurricane. 
Hurricane does not understand how Mexico is different than the United States, 
and Hurricane needed to stay close to a parent or grandparent.
Supper was at a buffet. 
Sweetheart told Grandpa Kirky about Hurricane.
Hurricane takes a lot of time in the bathroom.
Grandpa Kirky laughed hard about the story.

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