Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ammon and King Lamoni

Ammon showed up in King Lamoni's place.
He wanted to work for him.
King Lamoni wanted Ammon to marry his daughter.
Ammon said no and got to take care of sheep.

One day when Ammon and the other care takers were watering sheep
bad guys came to steal the sheep.
The other care takers got scared when the sheep ran away.

Ammon thought it was a great time
to teach the people about God since they didn't know about him.
He and the others got the sheep together.

Ammon had to fight the bad guys.
He threw rocks first and then 
in hand to hand combat cut off arms.

The other sheep care takers picked up the arms.
They brought the arms to King Lamoni.

 King Lamoni asked where Ammon was.
Ammon was getting ready the horses
for King Lamoni to go to a family party.

Ammon came in to ask
if there was anything else King Lamoni wanted him to do.
The King didn't talk for one hour.
Ammon asked again.

Ammon went to leave but the King said not to go.

Ammon taught the King about God.

The King passed out and slept.
His people thought he started to smell bad.

He laid on his bed for 3 days.
His wife didn't think he smelled bad
so they didn't bury him.
King Lamoni woke up and taught his family about God.

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