Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Nevada Beach

We spent our first day at Lake Tahoe on Nevada Beach.

The boys caught a seagull.

Uncle A got in a water battle with all the children.

Angel played in the sand.

Dancer and Hurricane buried Bug in the sand.

Beck and Uncle A sat and talked and talked and talked.

Beck brought his paddle board.
The board became the popular recreation.
The girls would go out, and Gito would dump them off.

Gito wanted to catch up on reading.
He was distracted many times.

Hurricane played in the rocky sand.

Hurricane and Linc were buried up to the necks.
They stayed in the sand for a long time.

After Hurricane buried Bug, Bug buried Hurricane.

Underfoot played with his cousins. 
He built a fortress and a wall.

Tenderheart was determined to get Uncle A wet.
Goldilocks built the fortress and wall with Underfoot.

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