Monday, March 24, 2014

Hermit Road - Hopi Point

Our first day at the Grand Canyon, 
we biked up Hermit Road.
The boys did it on their one geared bikes.

Sweetheart and Hurricane stayed together, 
and Underfoot and I stayed together.
We didn't know until we came down the hill that the grade is 6%.
Hurricane was super tired when we hit the first stop, Maricopa Point.

We ate lunch at Maricopa Point and then biked up to Hopi Point.
Hurricane refused to continue to the end of the road.
He was going back regardless of who went with them.

While at Hopi Point, we saw condors 
from a telescope from a researcher that was there.
The ride down was a lot faster than the ride up.
We returned to the cabin after our days adventure.

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