Thursday, June 26, 2014

Las Vegas

We started our trip North. 
We left after their last swim team practice for the summer. 
They made it to Las Vegas in record time and stayed at the Ryan home.

The Ryans used to live 3 doors down from us. 
Now they live in Las Vegas.

I'm not sure what all exciting things they did in the few hours they had together, 
but some of their past exploits 
include bombing the chickens with their own eggs, 
throwing just about every imaginable item over the block wall fence, 
and causing mischief and mayhem.

Hurricane was reunited with his best friend and partner in crime, K-man. 
Together they are known as the K-Men!

Underfoot and Sweetness are very good friends.
They were excited to see each other.

The next morning they went to Red Rock Canyon 
and earned their Junior Explorer Badge. 
Miss C. bought some fun road games and presents.

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