Monday, June 16, 2014

Apples and Grapes

Sweetheart wrote this post:

We harvested grapes from our grape vines this week. 

Next year I will have to pay more attention to how the grapes grow when they are little. If I take time before the grapes get big, I can route how they will hang and I can cover them in paper sacks. The paper hides the bunches from the birds, so the grapes don't get devoured by them.

The boys picked all the apples, and we juiced them. The juice is currently sitting in the freezer.

We let our chickens out a couple days this past week and they completely cleaned the one bunch from one of our newer vines. This year I didn't take the time to check where the grapes were growing, and some of the bunches grew in places where the grapes were difficult to harvest. The grapes would get inter-twined with the metal wire which supports the vine, causing some of the grapes to get lost when harvested.

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