Thursday, May 29, 2014

Birthday Bowling

Hurricane celebrated his birthday in a grand way. 
Since his birthday party last year, 
he has talked every single day 
about the birthday party this year. 

Sweetheart and I determined 
that birthday parties would be held every 4 years. 
This did not deter Hurricane in the least.

He talked about his cake and the friends 
that would bring presents. 
 There was no birthday party. 

As a surprise to Hurricane, 
Underfoot and I decided to take him 
bowling with our neighbors. 
It was his "party." They all had fun. 

Hurricane brought otter pops to swim team 
 and shared with about 60 children as his birthday treat. 

We bought his birthday present of old appliances 
to take apart and maybe put back together 
we came home to turn around for soccer camp. 

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