Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Montezuma's Castle

On our way home from the Grand Canyon,
we stopped at Montezuma's Castle.

The boys want to take pictures all the time.
We are starting to let them take pictures of us.
I am actually in pictures now.....

Hurricane took this shot on our way back from getting our picture taken.
The picture was crooked. 
Thank goodness for PhotoShop.

The boys completed the Junior Ranger program.
Because of their ages, the boys had to do different requirements.

Montezuma's Castle is a little park.
The park was a nice break in our drive back.
We took about 1/2 an hour.

Hurricane came over to me and asked for his picture by this tree.
He posed himself and told me to take a lot of pictures.

We asked the boys if they would like to climb ladders to live in the wall.
The water, food, and everything else would need to be carried up as well.
The boys thought about it and thought it would be a lot of work,
and they would be tired at the end of every day.

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Eric Cyndy said...

We LOVE to see you in pictures and you and your family will cherish having you IN the pictures as well!