Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Trampoline

Sweetheart and I talked about getting a trampoline for Christmas.
I told my friend. Her family then learned they were moving.
She offered their trampoline to us for $25.

I bought it on the spot. (A handshake deal until the cash came....)
We had to go through the process of getting HOA approval.
Once acquired, we were set.

Sweetheart had the idea he wanted the trampoline in the ground.
I liked the idea and was willing to support him.
Where the trampoline is now is mostly fill dirt. So not big deal to move it.
First we broke down all the garden beds.
Crying on my part because I love my garden.
Next we drew a circle to dig the hole.
After ONE wheelbarrow full Sweetheart didn't know how he was going to get it done.

We rented a mini excavator for 24 hours, borrowed a pick up, 
and hired some boys to help us.
(They needed money to go on the Winter Sport activity for their merit badge.)
They dug about 1/2 the hole.
Then a friend brought his own mini back hoe (a week later)
and finished digging the hole.
He did it the weekend before Christmas.
What was left was to build the stabilizer for the frame
(we bought the materials for the stabilizing twice - that's another story,)
hand dig to make it level, and put the trampoline back together. 
Sweetheart's father and our boys helped with the finishing details on Boxing Day.

On New Year's Day, the project was almost done.
The dirt on the outside needed to be spread out.
The boys are loving the trampoline.
It will be our new star gazing point.

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