Friday, January 3, 2014

A Visit

Long ago in a university far away,
two women became friends.

Well... all three of us became friends. 
But the one in the middle brought her family to visit over New Years.

From the picture at the top to the picture above,
I think it has been over 12 or more years.
We sure look older.....
Two years ago Linz wrote a blog post for me when I was celebrating Pioneers.
She talked about her education.
Her family has taken a huge adventure and lives abroad.
They are seeing and doing magical things.

Our children played like long lost friends.
They ran in a Hot Chocolate race, bowled, lit sparklers, 
created a home and habitat for an "alien" to hatch (a green bee bee Underfoot found,) 
participated in Mommy school, and jumped on the trampoline.

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Amber Sayer Walker said...

I'm glad you added that all three of us became friends. ;c) I would have been offended had you left it the way it was. ;c) I'm glad that you two were able to get together! Nothing like getting together with old friends.