Tuesday, December 17, 2013


We bought a trampoline for $25. We are the third owners. It is well loved and used.

Placement in our backyard was going to be tricky.
We wanted to move our garden beds to the other side of the house
thinking that moving the beds would help for better growth.

The young men in our congregation loaded the dirt from the garden beds in the trailer.
They put most of the weight on the tongue.

Our trailer met with an accident. 
Sweetheart gave away the dirt to another man 
who didn't re-adjust the weight and bent the tongue of the trailer. 
He took the trailer while Sweetheart and I weren't home.

Sweetheart decided to get a aquaponics system.
The trailer was overloaded.  The tongue bent significantly.
Sweetheart wanted to sink the trampoline in our backyard.
We rented this machine to dig the hole.

After hole digging, the boys and I sat in the trailer for weight
while Sweetheart pounded the tongue of the trailer back into place.
We aren't that heavy, but it helped a little. 
The tongue dropped about 6 inches. 
It has about 5 more to go to be back in place. 
It is quite the sight to have wife and children 
in a trailer at 9 pm bouncing up and down in a trailer.

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