Tuesday, July 16, 2013

1st Day 1st Grade

Underfoot was ready for 1st grade.
 He got up that first day and entered without looking back.

Underfoot is excited to start 1st grade.
 We visited his new class room the week before on back to school night. 
It seems like a few days ago that 
we were meeting his kindergarten teacher at the same event.

After school, we went to get a first day of school treat!
On Tuesday evening he was acting a little sluggish, and he had a fever.
On Thursday he saw the pediatrician
(they won't see a child with a fever unless it has been 3 days...)
 The doctor said that he had what looked like a 5 day flu.
He missed most of his first week of school.
 He hardly missed any school last year.

Hurricane also got a treat!
He misses his brother every day that he is gone.

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