Tuesday, June 25, 2013


The day arrived for my parents to begin their mission.
Before they were to enter 
the Missionary Training Center in Provo, UT,
they were to meet with Elder Quentin L.Cook in Salt Lake City. 
Elder Cook was going to set them apart like Barnabus and Saul.

The adult children were invited to join them.
The grandchildren were invited to hang out
with Auntie Lyn and Uncle Eric.
 While my parents went to find out where we to be,
we took some pictures of the waiting crowd.

Miss Sunshine always had a smile from the camera.
I think she was happy to be out of her car seat.
Her parents sacrificed and came west over 18 hours away.

We tried and tried to get a group shot.
This was a good as it got.

Mr. Awesome likes to goose his sister. 
My natural reaction is to come swinging.

Again Mr. Awesome and I are posing.
Our cousin shot picture after picture after picture.

Our boys were happy.
They were with family that they love.

And whom they look up to for good.

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