Friday, May 10, 2013

Ralph the Midnight Hairdresser

Ralph the Midnight Hairdresser is a legendary folk hero in my family.
Ralph ONLY strikes at night.
My Dad has always teased about
Ralph coming when hair is standing on end.

Underfoot does not like Ralph
Underfoot will start to cry or get mad
when Ralph's name is mentioned.

On this rare occasion,
Underfoot let me take his picture.
Ralph did quite a good job on this hair-do.
I love the tradition of Ralph.
I hope that Underfoot will eventually learn
how to be a better sport about being teased.
Just like I need to learn to be better about being teased.


Sue said...


I love the "Ralph" tradition.


Kris said...

That's great! He must be visiting our house too, because we've had some pretty wild hairstyles lately!