Sunday, March 17, 2013

Celebrating Life

Why is this boy so excited? 

 It was his birthday.

He got to pick the menu for the day.
He went on a hike.

He asked for a Yoda cake.
I didn't make a Yoda cake.
I made a sarlacc eating Boba Fett.

The tenacles are gummy worms covered in chocolate.
The mouth is a chocolate covered strawberry.

He requested a blood orange cake.
I can't find the recipe to share it.

Even though it is sparklers, he had to try to blow them out.
We love our Underfoot who is growing into a wonderful boy.


Rachel said...

Love the cake! I stopped asking the kids what they wanted for cakes. Now I just ask my mom to make something, and she has to figure out how to meet their crazy requests. I can't believe he is 6 years old! He is such a good looking boy!

Kris said...

Happy happy birthday to one seriously special boy!! Good job on the cake, Mom!

Cyndy said...

He is loved by many!

Sue said...

Happy birthday to your cute boy! Great cake, too.