Friday, January 18, 2013

First Hike in the Wash

We started to meet our hiking goal on January 7.
We took friends with us.
The moon was out at 3 pm.
It is a waxing crescent.
For me, it looks like the ocotillo framed the moon perfectly.

A skeleton of the teddy bear cactus. 
See Hurricane in the orange shirt.
He touched the part of the cactus that hadn't died yet.
It stuck in his head.
He cried.
He has been obsessed with cacti since.

The boys pause for a photo opp for me.
The flowering teddy bear cactus brings some color
to the browns of the desert.
See the needles on this cactus.
Once the cactus touches you
the rest of the plant gravitates toward you.
The "arms" of the cactus will break off to stay with you.
This is what Hurricane got in head.
No wonder he talks constantly about cacti getting him.

Underfoot chose to wear his snow boots.
He did fine.
He got hot though.
The day warmed up to around 68 degrees.

The hike was fine for our first one.
We learned to not get into cacti,
bring water,
and dress appropriately.


Sue said...

Looks like fun, despite the cactus wound. Those things are sharp! (Having grown up for six of my young years in the desert, I remember firsthand!!)


Sue said...

(or maybe I should say, sorehand...)