Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Have you thanked.....

Have you thanked the guy that takes the garbage? Or the worker that takes care of waste management? Or have you considered the cell phone tower climber lately for the cell phone or even the 4G network you use?

If you have ever climbed, you know that if you don't use the right equipment it can be dangerous. And if you don't use equipment then it is a free climb. A free climb is fun until you fall.

My brother used to do this for a profession.

He sent this video about tower climbers and the safety measures that are in place but how some times they aren't followed.


Greg said...

Thank you for this thought. My dad worked for the phone company and did some dangerous things and it was a very thankless job! He had to climb poles, work in manholes and in all sorts of bad conditions. Some thanks and good treatment really is in order for these workers.

Greg said...

This is Hilary by the way :)

Sue said...

Thanks for a very good reminder.